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Hello and welcome to my personal slice of web space. This is the place where I seek to indulge myself in all things that interest me. I however, also hope for this blog to be a useful platform for documenting, learning, sharing and communicating.

Born in Nigeria, breed in England and Scotland, I am now in the latter parts of my journey to become a chartered architect in the UK. Given this background this blog will often have a bias towards design, the general humanities and social sciences, as this is where my major interests lie. This said, music and food (particularly of the baked variety) are things I can’t do without and will undoubtedly feature here too!

So please free to browse around , leave your impressions or get in touch! I am a recent university graduate with professional experience in architecture and design, and I’m open to freelance work related to these fields. Visit my CV and Portfolio pages for a scope of my personal work and do not hesitate to contact me for some general advice or indeed with regards to some design work you may need help doing.

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    Ridge Road Residence - Studio Four

    Blackened timber is always so sweet! Set in the midst of a golf course and cascading down the natural slope of the the site, this is yet another beautiful residence in Melbourne, Austrailia. 

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